Protective Evil Eye Ring

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Wear an enamel evil eye ring to protect you and embrace the symbolic occasion! 
This beautiful enamel ring is the perfect way to protect yourself from negative energy and keep your spirit safe. Wearing this symbolic evil eye ring will give you a sense of security during any occasion, be it a special event or just everyday life. It's certain to become an accessory that you won't want to take off! 

  • A protective evil eye ring is a symbolic piece of jewelry made with enamel and inspired by ancient superstitions
  • It can be used to ward off negative energy and malefic forces, bringing the wearer good fortune and protection at all times
  • Part of our Pop of Color Collection this evil eye ring features a gold-outlined eye with 2 colors of enamel. In the center of the eye is a CZ bezel set of clear stone. This colorful piece is an AMD original. 
  • Over time the evil eye has been known as a powerful protective symbol to conquer and defy evil forces and negative energy.
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  • Stainless steel, Gold plated