Rebecca Bar Gold Bracelet

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A Rebecca Bar Gold Bracelet - the perfect accessory for a golden touch of elegance! 
Once upon a time there was a beautiful young woman named Rebecca. She always dreamed of having the perfect accessory to match her style and personality, but never found it... until one day she stumbled across the Rebecca Bar Gold Bracelet. Instantly enamored by its timeless beauty, this bracelet became an integral part of her wardrobe - adding just the right touch of elegance and sophistication no matter what outfit she chose. From days at work to nights on the town, this stunning piece has become Rebecca's favorite go-to item for every occasion! 

  • Made of 14K gold and stainless steel
  • Features a classic rectangular pattern with cubic zirconia accents throughout
  • Available in two sizes, regular and small
  • Skilled artisans preserve high end craftsmanship to ensure long lasting quality and durability
  • Stainless steel, gold plated
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Open Hinge
  • CZ stones